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Do you enjoy creative writing? Does a macabre World of Darkness filled with intrigue and horror make your heart race with anticipation? Excellent. You might enjoy writing with us here at Dwell in Darkness, a World of Darkness inspired Storytelling and Gaming community.


We play with the nWOD game system, and do not use God-Machine Chronicle, or Blood & Smoke: the Strix (and other 2.0) updates. Once all the major splats have been updated officially, Staff and players will revisit the idea of conversion down the line. 


Getting Started!


First you need to make an account in the Forums. Introduce yourself in the General Discussion area, ask any questions you like as you get started and feel free to PM your Storytellers.


Second, you should set up an account in the Writer's Resources (also known as the Member Log-in). This gives you access to the chatrooms. "The Lobby" is the OOC room and there's always writers hanging around there who are more than happy to help you out! Through the WR you can also create your character profiles for the Who's Who.

(Note: it helps Admins and ST's if your log-in's for both the forum and WR are the same)

Next, submit your character using the appropriate link and form. To expedite the review of your character, include your forum login name on your character submission. Once you've hit the "Submit" button, the information WILL NOT be automatically put into the WR for you. You have to input your character yourself.

That's it! You'll hear back from your ST within a day or two, with notes on how to improve your sheet, or a simple "Approved" or "Denied"! GAME ON!



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